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Waiting on the new mystery thriller by Harlan Coben?

Happy Spring, Waitlisters!

Five years after the tragic event that led to the death of their son, David, and Cheryl Burroughs are dragged back together in Harlan Coben’s latest thriller. Once a happy family of three, Cheryl has remarried, and David is serving a life sentence in a maximum-security prison for the brutal murder of their son.

When Cheryl’s sister, Rachel, shows up unexpectedly, she brings a recent vacation photo that appears to have the Burroughs’ dead son, very much alive, in the background. Though David and Rachel know it isn’t possible, the boy in this photo has to be David’s son, Matthew, and he’s still alive.

Harlan Coben takes us down the rabbit hole as we follow David’s determined plan to escape from prison, clear his name, and find his son in this latest thriller, I Will Find You. With 67 patrons waiting to see where David ends up, I am here to bring you a list of suggestions to keep you busy while you wait your turn to solve this mystery!

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